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About Singapore International Marine & Diving Institute

Diving schools are not just for fun anymore! When you combine your passion for being near the water and your training from a marine and diving school, you can take your career to exciting new places! With training from a marine and diving technical school, you will learn the skills you will need to do the work you love. You can prepare for a career as a dive leader, a dive instructor, an aquatic animal caregiver, an underwater photographer, an environmental researcher and much.

Unique Organisation

Singapore International Marine and Diving Institute (SIMDI) is also a professional body of marine and diving industry experts specializing in the training and development of marine and diving industry throughout Asia. A combination of the expertise at SIMDI has helped evolve highly effective, up to the minute, well-presented programs and training courses that can be easily understood by the layman. SIMDI is a very exciting and exceptional institution. SIMDI has a select number of partners training centers throughout South East Asia and China.


The institution is currently based in 4 locations, the HQ is in Singapore, which is the hub to many emerging world-class standard diving and sailing sites in South East Asia. The other is in Hainan Island, the only tropical island of China and a combined 200 acres base in Zhang Jiang, Guangzhou. Our training vessel and resort centre is located in Johore Bahru, Malaysia. We will be having the 5th location in Myanmar by the end of 2014.

Job Placement Guaranteed

Our students that graduate from our institute is greatly sort after. We can guarantee your first step into the industry. Your job is to meet our standard and always be the best you can be.

World Underwater Federation (Quality in Diving)

The organization was founded in 1959 and by now it comprises over 130 federations from 5 continents. In addition to organizing international underwater sport events it is at the forefront of technical and scientific research and development. It can be associated with elaborating one of the oldest and most extensive dive training systems.


About Our Dive Training Programs at SIMDI

Our founder has designed many programs since 1989, for the marine industry, diving resorts, schools, live-a-board dive vessels, fishing communities, universities, handicapped programs, public safety organizations and production companies. Based on requirements from these employers we have re- defined today’s dive programs to produce graduates who possess relevant and remarkable knowledge and skills. Our training programs provides in-depth training, rather than minimum, and relevant real-world skill, rather than conceptual. Our trainers, measure skill competency by requiring performance of REAL on-the-job skills at our REAL on campus resort, beginner dive school, dive charter vessel and dive business.

Easy access to Water Training in Warm, Clear Water

We have two dive destination that we provide our full range of dive programs. Puteri Harbour, our city getaway training resort in Nusajaya, Johor Bahru, Malaysia just 30 minutes from Singapore and Haikou City, Hainan Island in the People’s Republic of China. There is a good reason why. It’s pretty. It is clear. It’s convenient. When you compare the diving quality and convenience at SIMDI with others throughout the region, they don’t even come close. The ideal environment for learning diving is at our doorstep; let SIMDI share this adventure with you. It is like being on vacation while going to school.

Internship for Experience

Every SIMDI Academic program includes supervised internship for evaluation and training. Competency measured by REAL on-the-job performance under ACTUAL conditions is what employers have come to rely on when hiring SIMDI’s graduates.

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