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Remember when you first dreamed of snorkelling and scuba diving. Now you can experience consistent, solid learning instruction that will not only make you a good diver, but also deeper to where you’ve ever gone before. Join with thousands to make that important first step on solid foundation with us today!
Experience professional courses designed and built purposefully with you in mind. Free of clutter and distraction, nothing will come in the way of your focus to become all that you can be!
Here at IMDI, you will never learn alone. Small organic groups make the learning experience highly-engaging because learning diving shouldn't be a lonely affair. Group dynamics and teamwork in many occasions also raises your diving skills quotient as well as critical listening skills. Don’t just stay at home, come out and play!
Without the ability to make-up for missed lessons, it would often lead to poorly trained or dropouts. Losing that ounce of confidence after missing one lesson could prove detrimental for some. At IMDI, that person will never be you. We’re just about the only dive institute to offer make-up lessons at no extra charge. This is the reason we insist on our own full time facilities
Using IMDI’s Inter-Branch Make-Up Scheduler, you can now attend classes at any of our branches on demand. Subject to availability, of course.
Be impacted by your team every month. Experience larger-than-life thematic encounters that will inspire and sustain your underwater-interest wholeheartedly!
IMDI coaches will never give up on you even when you're feeling down and out especially in the more demanding courses. Because when the going gets tough, only the motivated keep going. We're here to inspire you towards success every step of the way. Take It Higher!
IMDI coaches are trained to spot and correct mistakes as soon as they occur. Bad habits left unchecked will scar and handicap the diver or leader for life. We've seen one-too-many cases happen so never overlook this major learning principle!
We understand that becoming a professional diver and mastering diving skill can literally be painful at times. Combining well-maintained quality hardware with effective pain management strategies, IMDI has made the pain-factor a major thing of the past.
Every student is special to us. We don’t just grade your performance each lesson but also have a 3-tier monitoring system in place to ensure no one gets left behind. Only at IMDI will you find 3 staff looking out for every 1 student. That’s how much we care and you should too!

Our Experience in China

Singapore International Marine & Diving Institute (SIMDI)
International Marine & Diving Institute (IMDI)

Dive Industry Talent Development Program in CHINA
Dive Career Training for the Chinese market.

FEIDA International School of Management (2005-2011) is a Ministry of Education (Singapore) approved academic private school in Singapore specialising in dive related education program leading to an Advanced Diploma certification. Started joint programs in China with Hainan Normal University, Hainan University and Guangzhou Ocean University it completed 5 batches of students before changing to the Singapore International Marine and Diving Institute (SIMDI).
Online Learning Portal – www.divelearning.com
First & Only Online Dive Learning Portal for ChinaNo.1 Netizen Country in the World, becomes First country with National Scuba Diving Learning Portal
23rd June 2008, in Haikou City, Hainan Island, China which has become the number one Netizen country in the World with exceeding 250 million internet users launches the first national Scuba Diving Learning Portal and it is probably the first in the World to be adopted on a countrywide level. Presented by the Chinese Underwater Association (CUA), the authority of diving in China in partnership with Zhang Jiang Dive School, the fully government owned state of the art dive training facility in Guangzhou and FEIDA International School of Management of Singapore. This is the result of 3 years of combine effort and hard work.

CMAS China Dive Learning System

In April 2012, SIMDI became the CUA exclusive training partner to produce all CMAS China training materials for all levels of both Diver and Instructor Courses. The first diver level, the CMAS One Star Diver training materials was launched in April 2013.

Towards VISION 2015, Becoming the International Diving Centre of Excellence

SIMDI has extended beyond recreational diving into Underwater Documentaries, Scientific Safety Diving, Hyperbaric Chamber Operations, Diver Medic Training, Public Safety Diving and Occupational Diving. We have set up an international training arm, the International Marine and Diving Institute (IMDI) to expand our diver training system beyond our shores. We currently have strategic partners in China and Myanmar.

SIMDI is an institute officially recognised by CMAS or World Underwater Federation.
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