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But I know nothing about diving!
Should I join IMDI?
What if I miss a lesson?
What happens if I am unable to keep up with the lessons?
Do you offer individual coaching?
Which Dive Equipment should I purchase?
I’m from the HR Dept./Recreation Club. Do you have activities for Team Building & Work-Life balance for my company?
Can I pay monthly for my course fees?
  • Our step-by-step approach has been designed for total beginners who have absolutely no prior knowledge in diving. Read about how you can overcome their challenges at www.DiveIMDI.com
  • Experience professional practice pools, well-trained passionate coaches, and most importantly, a superior syllabus designed to sustain your learning interest wholeheartedly. With a combined training experience of more than 3,000 individuals, we stay committed to inspire you every step of the way to your diving success.
  • Using our online scheduler, you can make-up for missed lessons within the same week of absence.
  • Slower performing students are our precious gems. IMDI coaches will assess your needs and make authorisations for extra lessons. We have seen many great leaps happen.
  • We specialize in group coaching. The group environment makes the learning process encouraging, synergistic and fun. It will also build your diving confidence in group settings. Individual coaching is considered on a case by case basis. However you can still enquire about our one to one basis training program upon request.
  • We have some of the best-valued dive equipment at special prices for you. Select our recommended equipment packages when signing up to enjoy our Special Online Price.
  • While dive activity may provide certain stress relief, water as a medium has the power to reignite soul and passion in everyone. Experience heightened morale among your workforce and greater confidence to go the distance. Contact CORP@DiveIMDI.com or 92346561 to obtain our corporate rates and begin enriching your team today! Hassle-free, we will provide all necessary administration and publicity.
  • Yes! With any Visa/MasterCard credit card issued by major banks, you can choose to pay for your course fees monthly, via the tenures made available by these banks.
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