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Terms and Conditions
Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding.

Email addresses

To sign up, participants MUST possess a contactable email address for correspondence and registration notifications.

Membership Fee

This entrance fee is compulsory for all first-time registrations.

Admin Fee

An administrative fee of US$9.90 will be levied on each payable course fee transaction. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable in the event of course cancellation.

Course Fees

Course fees are quoted in US dollars. Course fees include the cost of course materials and the use of indicated equipment and training facilities during assigned training sessions & hours. Published course fees are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation and Refund Schedule

A written notice needs to be submitted for course cancellation following the refund schedule below.
(1) 80% of course fees when a written notice is received seven (7) days before term commencement.
(2) 50% of course fees if the written notice is received within seven (7) days before term commencement.
(3) No refund will be given in the event of non-appearance or when the term has commenced. The nomination of a replacement to attend the scheduled course is acceptable if a written notice is given before the course start date.


(1) Course deferments are allowed if a written deferment notice is received no later than two (2) weeks upon course commencement.
(2) A Deferment Fee of US$30 applies for successful deferments granted under [1]. This amount will be charged upon registration of the deferred course.
(3) For hospitalization, bereavement and difficult pregnancy cases, the deferment fee will be waived, but an Administration Fee of US$9.90 will apply. Request must be supported with medical documentation, where applicable. A maximum of two (2) terms deferment period will be granted for hospitalization and bereavement cases. Difficult pregnancy cases will be given a twelve (12) month deferment period.
(4) Deferred courses are not eligible for full/partial refund and/or transfers. Unregistered courses will be forfeited upon expiry.
(5) Refresher discount (40%) applies when
      (i) You fail to register for the deferred course in the stated intake.
      (ii) Request is submitted after Week 2 of the ongoing term with the exception of reasons stated under clause [3].


(1) E-vouchers (in the form of number codes) are only applicable for course fees.
(2) E-vouchers are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund. We are not responsible for lost or stolen E-vouchers.
(3) E-vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with promotions and discounts.
(4) Only 1 E-voucher can be applied per registration.
(5) Applied E-vouchers with unutilized remainder value cannot be refunded or applied to another registration.

TDC Dollars (DC$)

(1) DC$ are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
(2) DC$ are only applicable for course fees.
(3) DC$ will expire three (3) years from each quarterly period reflected in the table below.
DC$ Accumulated Between DC$ Expiry Date
1 Jan - 31 Mar 2014 31 Mar 2017
1 Apr - 30 Jun 2014 30 Jun 2017
1 Jul - 30 Sep 2014 30 Sep 2017
1 Oct - 31 Dec 2014 31 Dec 2017
(4) Unused DC$ will be forfeited upon expiry.
(5) Applied DC$ cannot be refunded or re-applied onto another enrolment, irrespective of the enrolment status.

Course Confirmation

Your registration will only be confirmed upon successful allocation of timeslots and when payment has been received.
You will receive a confirmation email containing detailed training information inclusive of the date, time and venue about seven (7) days before the course start date.

Course Schedules

IMDI reserves the right to change course schedules, modify course content, limit/increase class size and cancel courses without prior notice.

Make-Up Sessions

To book a make-up class for missed lesson, 7 guidelines follow:
(1) Make-Up slots are applicable across branches.
(2) This Make-Up scheduler will be available upon your term start date [00:00hrs].
(3) Make-Up slots can be scheduled in advance for the same week of absence of your original assigned class.
(4) Make-Up slots are dynamic and are subject to availability.
(5) You can also queue for unavailable slots. You will receive an email notification when class allocation is successful.
(6) Scheduling a Make-Up on the first week is possible but priority will still be given to hosts even if you have been successfully assigned.
(7) You are entitled to only 1 class per week. However, you will be able to schedule an extra make-up class if your Coach has authorized you to do so.

Refresher Course Attendance

Discounted refresher course fees are applicable if you are repeating a module.

Course Materials

Reproduction, copying or digital scanning of course materials is not allowed unless written permission has been obtained from IMDI.

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